Upgrade time!

New Equipment

Over the last six weeks, we’ve set out upgrading some of our older, shall we say…..less than stellar equipment. DSLR grade tripods and heads have been replaced with a counterbalanced, LEGIT fluid head. Resin Cokin P series filters and variable ND have been replaced with IR filtering glass 4×4 ND filters.  Difficult to use flourescent soft boxes have been replaced with 100W LED Mono lights and umbrella style bowen’s mount softboxes.


Some of the things we’ve purchased:

Ikan/E-Image GH10L Head and GC102 Carbon Fiber Sticks

Nisi IR-ND 4×4 Glass filters

Fotodiox LED100WA-56 Lights (these took a little effort to get working the way they should be. More on that later)

Some light modifiers

and some organization tools to keep things nice and neat.

And the big one……We bought a DJI Phantom 3 Drone. We expect to do a lot with this thing, and have wanted an aerial filming platform for a long while.


We’re very happy with every one of these purchases, and will be doing write ups on all of them in the near future.

There’s still alot that needs to be purchased, including LED panel lights, another head for the slider, storage and transport gear, and at some point (hopefully in 2017), a new camera.


New Blog

We’re also launching this to talk about tools/services/products that we use, behind the scenes on shoots, upcoming projects, and techniques and technology that will make our jobs easier and more efficient.