Stock Music….

Most people hate stock music. It’s expensive, most of it isn’t very good. Licensing sucks. I’ve used sites like and Pond5 for years. Occasionally you find a good track, but it can take HOURS to search through hundreds or thousands of track to find something decent. And, to top it all off, each track you buy costs anywhere from $20 to thousands to license, depending on your needs.

But, there’s a solution….


According to them, they’ve simplified licensing music from actual musicians. In their own words:

Art-list Makes It Simple and Affordable to License High-Quality Music From Real Musicians

This all sounds good, but it’s got to be expensive, right?

Nope! Art List costs a meager $200 a year for what is essentially an all you can eat buffet for music licensing. No more buying individual tracks, only to have the client change their mind at the last possible second, forcing you to buy new music before a video goes out on social media.

That $200 nets you as much music as you can download, and your licenses never expire. The even have categories that break the tracks up into the “theme” or “feel” of a video, giving you tracks that they feel will work for what you’re going for. is a great service, and we’ve already used it on two separate projects.

Pixlbrain was not paid to write this post. We just genuinely think the service is awesome, and solves most of the issues that stem from using other stock music sites.

We also find it weird that we’re actually excited to be using a stock music site…